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Dutch Marine Systems - Fire-Proof Door

dmsDutch Marine Systems is a global manufacturer and supplier of fire-proof bulkheads, fire-resistant door systems and ceilings for inland and ocean-going passenger vessels. Our products and systems are fully compliant with the international legislation of the UN agency International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Over the years, Dutch Marine Systems has executed a number of indoor phase-out projects for passenger vessels, such as cruise ships, super yachts and ferries. All of our products and systems comply with the highest soundproof standards.

dms 4sFire-resistant bulkheads for international shipping

Our bulkhead systems, class A60, B0, B15 and B30, all have certificate of type approval. The DMS bulkhead systems are based on a metal-stud construction and are covered with FIPRO sheets at both sides. FIPRO sheets have been developed in cooperation with the manufacturer, which guarantees a seamless integration and implementation.

There is a great variety of finishing options, such as wall paper, plaster and painting. With a weight of approximately 21kg/m² for our class B0 and 24.5kg/m² for the class B15 and B30 bulkheads, they represent the ideal weight for international shipping.

The bulkhead thickness of 70mm or 100mm enables building in electrical cables and waterpipes. DMS bulkheads have excellent sound reductions of between 42DB and 44DB. Bulkheads are assembled in the ship, enabling possible changes in the construction process.

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