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2017 02 27

Jammers4u is specialized for production and sales of signal jammers of the highest quality.

Jammers4u is a company focused on market needs, security trends and we respond by developing jammers to meet ever increasing requirements of the security market. Current trend is fast expanding drone market that poses a new kind of treat to safety of events and secure objects. We were the first in the market to respond with whole range of specially designed drone jammers that have proven to be a major asset to security forces.
Stationary and portable jammers for: drones, wi-fi, GSM, IED, remotes, area protection …

Portable, desktop, manpack, suitcase, briefcase, and vehicle mounted jammers. All of those models are available for different jamming uses. Drone jammers for UAV and remote operated vehicles protection, bomb jammers are designed for protecting vehicles from IED devices, prison jammers for area protection to stop illegal goods and devices to be smuggled by drone, remote control jammers for disabling remote operated devices, and various wi-fi and GSM jammers for blocking wireless and GSM signals.

Jammers4u  production is in Shenzhen, the best electronics production spot in the world

Jammers are used in many different scenarios and to find the best fit for your needs, we carry a whole spectrum of jammers for every possible application. However, there are so many different wireless technologies that are in use today, that we can help you to accomplish your goal with the best combinations of bands to suite your needs. Any combinations and customization are possible just send us your inquiry and we will give you our recommendation. We can design a system that works for you. Our production is very flexible and we can accommodate large orders in short time without drop in quality. We have the biggest electronics market at our fingertips in Shenzhen and multiple suppliers to assure undisturbed production dynamic. All of our products are burn-in tested after production and we ship only 100% functional jammers. Warranty for all products is 1 year.

Jammers4u have big R&D experience and will be able to meet any of your technical requirements or concerns.



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