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ANNEX 1 RESOLUTION MEPC.252(67) Adopted on 17 October 2014

2.5.2 If a ship has violated the BWM Convention, the PSCO may take steps to warn, detain or exclude the ship or grant such a ship permission to leave to discharge ballast water
elsewhere or seek repairs.

The PSCO should use professional judgment to determine whether to detain the ship until any noted deficiencies are corrected, or to permit a ship to sail with deficiencies that do not pose an unreasonable threat of harm to the marine environment, human health, property or resources (see notification requirements in paragraphs 3.3 to 3.6 below).

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All versions of the engine families listed below :
L+V32/40, L+V32/44, L+V35/44, L+V40/54, L+V48/60, L+V51/60, L58/64

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Fretting/Corrosion in Main Bearing Bore SL2017-645/JNN

This service letter gives important information regarding development of fretting/corrosion on main bearing caps. In service, we occasionally observe fretting/corrosion between the main bearing shell and the main bearing cap on engines without main bearing temperature sensors.

This service letter gives important information regarding development of fretting/corrosion on main bearing caps.

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The Examination of Surveyable Machinery Items by Chief Engineers Version

1. Introduction
1.1 This document describes how items of machinery may be credited for survey based on examinations by the ship’s Chief Engineer.

1.2 The arrangement is only applicable to ships operating on a continuous survey machinery (CSM) cycle and the procedures to be applied depend on whether or not the ship is operating an approved planned maintenance scheme for machinery.

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Air Emissions Standards within the Canadian

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform stakeholders that under the Vessel Pollution and Dangerous Chemicals Regulations (the Regulations),the sulphur content requirements for marine fuel will be 0.1% effective January 1, 2015.

Important issues:

  • The maximum permissible Sulfur content in marine fuel reduces to 0.1% m/m from 01 January 2015, for all vessels South of 60N latitude.

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OP Notice to Shipping N-1-2017, Vessel Requirements

Since January 1, 2001, the Panama Canal Authority has required vessels maneuvering in Canal waters to switch from heavy fuel to light duel.
This requirement was included from 2001 until 2016 in Notice to Shipping No.N-10, Operational Equipment Tests. Beginning in 2017, the aforementioned requirement on maneuvering fuel was removed from the revised version of Notice to Shipping No.N-10 and included in OP Notice to Shipping N-1-2017, Vessel Requirements.

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IMO Index of IMO Resolutions

Resolutions are adopted by the key organs and committees of the Organization. Resolutions are issued within official IMO meeting reports and documents relating to the relevant committee or organ. For access to the offical reports and documents of meetings where resolutions were adopted, from 2000 to present.

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