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DUQ1-017E-2 Metal loss and heat crack of FOV atomizer Pocket on Cylinder Cover

Cases have been reported where cylinder cover were found like burning off and / or heat crack in the vicinity of the pocket for fuel nozzle atomizers is attributable to attack by high temperature corrosion such
as Vanadium attack (See to Fig.1).

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DUQ1-008E Cracks on Piston skirts RTA58 -68 - 76 - 84

It was ascertained that on some RTA "8" series engines in service piston skirts have been cracked at the flange clamped between a piston head and a piston rod, when they were overhauled. On this problem, the licensees in Japan have been examining and investigating earnestly in cooperation with each other as well as the licenser, Sulzer, and then we reached a conclusion that the piston skirts can be employed continuously without any problem though they get cracks.

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DUQ1-006E RTA Type Engines Simple Estimation of Piston Ring Wear Amount

For measurement of a piston ring wear amount, it is an usual way to remove a piston ring and measure the ring width by using a gauge. This requires much expense and time because of the necessity of piston with drawing.

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DUQ1-005E-1 RTA / RT-flex Exhaust valve air spring, low air pressure problem

An increasing of an air consumption of the exhaust valve air spring will effect the exhaust valve timing to make engine performance worse. In case the air pressure is too low, the engine will be tripped during operating or can not start.

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MAN B&W SL2 017-654 Crankshaft Torsional Damper

Service experience has proven that the intermediate inspection of the torsional vibration damper on the crankshaft of our mentioned GenSets can be omitted without compromising a reliable engine operation.
This applies to both for new engines and to engines in service.

Consequently, we have deleted the intermediate inspection from our planned maintenance programme (510-04.00), thus saving related dismantling and inspection work.

MAN B&W SL2017-650/SRJ Guiding Overhaul Intervals

Based on the latest service experience and engine development we are pleased to issue a revised version
of the Guiding Overhaul Intervals tables. The guiding overhaul intervals apply to electronically controlled ME type engines, dual fuel ME-GI type engines, and me - chanically controlled MC type engines.

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MAN B&W SL2017-653/PRP Accumulators - All Makes

We refer to our service letter SL2006-469 concerning accumulators.
The information in this letter and in the instructions attached replaces the information given in our service letter SL06-469/JOF.
To prevent undesirable pressure peaks in the hydraulic oil system, we emphasise the importance of checking the nitrogen pressure regularly, which according to the instruction manual means every 2,000 hours or every 6 months, whichever occurs first.

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