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Air Emissions Standards within the Canadian

ship pollutionTransport Canada has issued Ship Safety Bulletin to remind industry stakeholders of the upcoming change in Air Emissions Standards within the Canadian waters of the North American ECA, from 01 January 2015.

Important issues:

  • The maximum permissible Sulfur content in marine fuel reduces to 0.1% m/m from 01 January
    2015, for all vessels South of 60N latitude.
  •  Vessels North of 60N latitude and those outside the NA ECA are permitted to use fuel with a
    maximum Sulfur content of 3.5% m/m until 01 January 2020 (when the Sulfur limit reduces to 0.5%
  •  All vessels over 400 gross tons are required to carry Bunker Delivery Notes (BDN) which stipulate
    the Sulfur content of fuel delivered to the vessel. Each BDN must contain specific information, as
    described on page 2 of the attached Ship Safety Bulletin.
  • Enforcement of the NA ECA regulations is expected to increase in 2015.
  • Vessels entering (or already within) the NA ECA with non-compliant fuel are required to report this to Transport Canada and where applicable, file a Fuel Oil Non-Availability Report (FONAR) as described in the bulletin

Further information may be found by reading Ship Safety Bulletin 08-2014 issued by Transport Canada

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Source: Transport Canada