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EMSA: Integrated maritime services for efficient surveillance

Getting a comprehensive overview of activity at sea is a challenge for most countries. To implement maritime policies effectively, governments and authorities need detailed, reliable knowledge about what happens at sea, in real time. EMSA collects, processes and exchanges maritime related data from a wide range of sources for efficient maritime surveillance.

The integrated maritime services offered are based on advanced maritime data processing, combining information from all the agency's maritime applications as well as other external sources.

As part of a tailor-made maritime traffic picture, users can choose which information they want to receive, such as specific data sets and maritime activities in defined areas of interest. Users are now able to access vessel behaviour patterns as well as meteorological and oceanographic data, for example.

Based on user feedback, EMSA refines and implements the individual services, ensuring that each one is focused on the key objectives specified.

Data Sources

One of the main attributes of integrated maritime services is the ability to combine information from a range of different data sources, thereby greatly enriching the maritime domain awareness picture.

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EMSA- data sources


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